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Aubameyang Will Never Play for Spurs

According to the latest FIFA news, Dortmund striker Aubameyang has said he will never play for Spurs. Do you know why? Follow imfifa.co to find the truth.

The reason why Aubameyang says that is on the grounds that Spurs have been pursued him, and the way makes him feel unhappy. Aubameyang said in an interview, the Tottenham in 2012 almost signed himself, but the way they contact him makes this player feel uncomfortable: "in the end, everything is very strange, I don't love that contact way." And after one year, Aubameyang transferred to Dortmund, now in Dortmund he is very successsful:" If someday they repursue me, I will say no."

It seems that Spurs has no chance to cooperate with Aubameyang. A pity it is. Whatever, if you need cheap and fast FIFA coins, please visit imfifa.co, the one never let you know.