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Arturo Vidal Misses Juventus

Next week in the Champions League, Bayern will challenge the Serie A champion Juventus. Arturo Vidal will also return to Juventus stadium. In an interview from www.imfifa.co, the Chilean midfielder admitted that his four years in Juventus was very memorable. He looked forward to a reunion with old teammates, but now he would fight for Bayern.

For Vidal, this would be a strange game because he spent a great four years in Turin. Commenting on his Serie A career, the Chilean midfielder said that of course he missed Juventus, after all, he stayed there for four years. Fans had deep affection for him. He also has contact with his former teammates, such as Caceres and Buffon. Vidal had a good relationship with them. Last summer, Vidal came to Bayern with a transfer fee of 37 million euros.

Vidal expressed his determination to out the old club so as to get into the quarterfinals. Although Vidal's importance has declined a little bit after the winter break, his teammates think he is still very important. He has a gene of South American players and is eager to win. By the way, click here for cheap FIFA coins.