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Arsene Wenger Wins the Title of Best Coach

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger wins the title of best Premier League coach in October. This is the 15th time for Wenger in Arsenal to receive this award. According to imfifa.co where you can buy the cheapest FIFA coins, Wenger has been the coach in Arsenal for 19 years and this number has surpassed other coaches in the Premier League.

Arsene Wenger leads the team to achieve good results in the Premier League in October. Arsenal has made four straight victories in the Premier League. The team beats Manchester United, Waterford, Everton and Swansea City. In the four games, the team has scored 11 goals and only conceded one goal. Arsenal has done the best in the defensive and offensive line. The good scores are inseparable from Wenger's guidance and he deserves the glory.

However, Arsenal is beaten by Sheffield Wednesday in October with the final scores 0 to 3. It is a blow for the whole team. But their current performances bring Arsenal the opportunity to win the Premiership Champions after years. Hope the team can maintain the good state and have better performance in the next games.