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Argentina Players Have A Penaity Curse

After the game between Manchester City and Steaua Bucharest, Argentine star Sergio Aguero completed an embarrassing record: he lost four of his recent five penalty kicks!

When it comes to penalty curse, our inevitable topic will be Messi. From last year, the pain of the penalty has been around Messi. He not only has a poor penalty rate, but his weird luck can spread! Neymar and Suarez are also hacing a poor penalty rate.

While Palermo, who lost three penalties in a single-game, is also from Argentina. In that case, it's easier to understand  why the top scorer Aguero has sucn a bad penalty luck. After all, he is not only an Argentine, he also likes to get near to Messi. 

Although not good at penalty, Messi is excellent when scoring, so are Neymar and Suarez. As for Aguero, he scored three consecutive excellent goals after losing the two penalties, letting those who questioned him completely shut up. But you cna still buy cheap FIFA Coins on the best site www.imfifa.co. Welcome!