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An Unexpected Obstacle for Manchester United

Manchester United is eager to sign with Rashford, but they encountered an unexpected obstacle. Rashford now has no broker. More information is on imfifa.co where you can buy cheap FIFA 16 Coins.

18-year-old Rashford scored seven goals for Manchester United in 13 games. Quickly he became the star of the team. Manchester United is eager to renew his contract, but Rashford said that this matter need to wait until the end of the season because he needs to find a broker first.

His current weekly salary is 1,500 pounds, in which contains 5,000 pounds bonus for each appearance. According to Manchester United's plan, they are ready to increase his salary to 15,000 pounds weekly.

However, Rashford postpone contract may have another consideration. If he waits until the end of the season, it is possible to obtain a more good contract.