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AC Milan giants express discontent to Mihajlovic

As AC Milan failed Naples by a large score, the team encountered the fourth defeat during the new season's 7 games. The outside world showed great doubt about Mihajlovic. The club's top leaders Galliani and Berlusconi all stood up to speak for Mihajlovic, but according to imfifa.co news, the old Berlusconi revealed his dissatisfaction with Mihajlovic while attending an event, which suggested that Mihajlovic's skills and tactics level were not a compliment.

According to the Italian newspaper imfifa FIFA coins reports, Berlusconi made this assessment in a political party that Mihajlovic is a good coach, he knows how to deal with the relationship with the players, but AC Milan now need more technical and tactical level of things. This comment has been quoted by various media, and is considered to be Berlusconi's dissatisfaction with Mihajlovic'stactical ability, especially on the defensive side of the ball.

Even though the media and fans have more accusations and criticisms to Mihajlovic, he still got Berlusconi's backing before. Now even Berlusconi is no longer behind him, Mihajlovic has to think. Maybe next weekend's match against Torino is his last several opportunities to buy cheap FIFA coins.