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AC Milan New Jersey Subversion Change

Do not miss the 5% Coupon Code & 300k FIFA 16 Coins Giveaway for Christmas. Has AC Milan new jersey next season changed a lot? Recently, AC Milan new jersey of 2016/2017 season overall appraisal has been published, which really has changed a lot compared with the jersey before.

Recently, it is exposed of AC Milan's new jersey, and which saying that it would be the home new jersey of overall appraisal. Compared with the current jersey, this jersey also have some changes. The team red and black striped shirt traditional style has not changed, but the AC Milan team logo return. AC Milan fans are familiar with the St. George's Cross emblem substituted badge in the past two seasons. After two seasons, the familiar emblem returned back to the team.

Another point is that the bottom red stripe shirt design is also very disruptive character. It is commented from www.imfifa.co that, at first glance, it is like a Milan cathedral, but you have to reverse t see. Some fans joked that, this is really blood or true love.