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AC Milan Announced 30 Million Signing Reinforcements

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July 2, AC Milan officially announced on Colombian striker Carlos Baca transfer agreement with Sevilla, the next will be the player examination.

AC Milan announced on its official website, "AC Milan announced that it has agreed with Sevilla on Vaca transfer, then come the examination." Italian media reports, AC Milan will pay Baca 30 million euros to liquidate his introduction, but AC Milan has sold Lamy at a cheap price of just 3.5 million euros to Sevilla. Italian media said AC Milan therefore may get a discount on the transfer fee of Baca. According to previous reports, Baca will sign a four-year contract with AC Milan, while the annual salary of 3.5 million euros.

Baca's transfer fee was 30 million euros, plus 20 million euros after buying Bertone Rudge, AC Milan’s transferation input has reached 50 million.

AC Milan has spent 20 million euros to buy Bertone Rudge, the Italian international midfielder, 450,000 euros to sign Weier Di, the Italian U-21 youth team striker , as well as Ellis, Brazilian youth international defender.

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