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Zaha May Play For Ivory Coast National Team

According to imfifa news, Crystal Palace winger Zaha is considering to play for the Ivory Coast national team. Born in Ivory Coast, Zaha has played twice for England, because the Three Lions can not get the attention, he is more and more frustrated.

Although the Crystal Palace in this season's record is disappointing, Zaha's performance is very good, he has 11 appearances in the Premier League scored 1 goal, and sent out 5 assists. But the old Manchester United only watched the club teammates Townsend played for England.

Zaha since 2013 has never been selected for the England team, because his appearance is completed in the friendly, so he can turn for other national team.

Although he had twice rejected the invitation of the Ivory Coast national team, but now he seems to decide to play for the Ivory Coast national team.

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