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You Make Me Have New Understanding of Football

Pirlo has been determined to join the United States major league teams in New York City team in the summer. Gianluigi Buffon, his friend at Juventus and Italy team-mate , bid farewell to him and tweeted this morning,I wish him good luck in the United States.

Buffon said on Twitter, "A lot of people use the same rhetoric farewell to you, and I wish you can achieve more victories there. We are friends, always bless you good luck my friend, I wish you everything fine now and in the future. "

"Thanks for everything you have done for the team, remember wonderful times together, thank you to accompany us through those carefree time. Thank you for your joy and sorrow, tears are also good memories, We always support each other. "

"You let me know in this sport a lot of impossibility can come true. Friends are the most precious parts of life. With good friends, good things will naturally happen."

What is indeed the reason why there is such a difference betwteen Messi in National Team and in La Liga? lack of leadership or something else?as if someone who are good at learning but cannt be the leader of a class?

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