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Xbox Download Not As well Large As We Thought Of Fifa 14

Initially, we'd heard it was 30GB. It is not.

We can not even keep in mind where we heard it now, but we it was rumored that the Xbox One FIFA 14 download bundled with early pre orders on the console was going to be a honking 30GB. It's basically only 8GB.

That comes from one lucky chap who received his Xbox A single early and was in a position to possess a poke around the dashboard ahead of becoming banned from live. Seems a bit harsh, hopefully the ban will likely be lifted after the console launches correctly.

Prior to the ban he was in a position to dig out some much more information around the console, including the sizes of downloadable games that can be out there at launch, that are FIFA 14 (8GB), Madden (12GB), COD: Ghosts (39GB), Forza 5 (31GB), Dead Rising 3 (19GB) and NBA 2K14 (43GB). The day one console update is around 500MB.

A couple of other particulars are that the console takes 17 seconds to boot towards the dashboard and that games need to be 50% downloaded ahead of you could start out playing. There is also some particulars around the constructed in capture functions on engadget, supply beneath.

Despite the fact that we have an Xbox One day a single edition with all the FIFA code on it is way, we'd also pre-ordered a disk copy for the reason that we'd heard the download was so significant. May perhaps must rethink that now we know it is not.

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