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World marshal Like MSN invincible! FIFA that suspended them

La Liga 20, MSN history of Real Madrid and Barcelona for Fifa Coins the first time BBC on the same day have scored, Chile marshal Sampaoli joked that "FIFA should be prohibited Messi, Neymar and Suarez play together," which Bit FIFA Coach of the Year award three coach called "MSN is more sharp than the BBC". Chile marshal Sampaoli just receive an annual best coach, he had once heard Van Gaal to succeed.

Up to now, Barcelona front Trident Has contributed 67 goals, while Real Madrid Trident also has 60 goals fetched, but in Sampaoli opinion MSN terror than BBC: "Messi can dominate the game itself is a player, he a person will be able to help the team win. him again Suarez and Neymar had his assistant, which is very frightening, FIFA should ban the three of them as a team for the same. "

"Real Madrid Trident and MSN is different, C Luo, Bell, and Benzema are great players, but they complement each other's understanding is not enough, grouped together and did not play its due power." Sampaoli think Real Madrid BBC combination of power is not fully played out accidental. "If the C Lo ball, he will be the attack of the Terminator, Bell is doing. Benzema though Shan Yuzhua opportunity, good coordinate, but the French themselves do not create opportunities."

In addition, Sampaoli also mentioned marshal and myself went into the coach of the year three of Guardiola, he took the former Chilean coach, "crazy" Bielsa and melon handsome contrast: "Guardiola is a bold innovation, good his ideas into the team's coach, he seemed so unusual in the Bundesliga, his greatness, his fearless, will not bow in the face of difficulties. "

"Guardiola and Bielsa are two of fifa 15 coins ios the best coach in the world, because they can win the absolute trust of  the players however, their idea is different: a requirement to play simple and crude, and the other to emphasize the game ball rate the two have in common is that both emphasize attack, their ideas are good enough for me. "Sang insurance rates Chile Copa America win, play promontory of the country can really see Bielsa and Guardiola shadow, Chile coach realized the true meaning of them.