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World champion war Germany lselection Spain

Spain VS Germany, in 2010 and 2014 the battle of two-time World Cup champion. Loew's new champion, win vicente del bosque, under the command of former champions, also put an end to the Spaniard eight years at 34 war history record unbeaten team. As nearly two World Cup champion, two big giant, Spain and Germany is also recognized as football in any national team with real Madrid or Barcelona fc bayern in the strong position in the club tournament, prove the authority of the two sides in the football field.

From 2008 to 2012, the Spanish for three consecutive annual inter-continental competition reigns, first named dynasty in history. Under low in Germany, has in recent years, thus, in the Brazilian World Cup lay think of the new king. Germans haven't won the Spanish for 14 years, always let them the title of the world's strongest come have defects. Since 2000 home 4-1 pain cut after the claim, the germans had three consecutive loss to Spain.

Warm-up match in February 2003, 1-3, low under the 2008 European cup final and the 2008 World Cup semi-final, were headed del bosque and aragones Spain with two 1-0 to repel, row is Spain in the history of Germany's best record. Vicente del bosque let Gordon, camacho to meet Kathy leah debut, maura tower, Bernard and starting on ripper quetta, hong card column, such as Roland barthes pull also won a substitute the opportunity.

Compared to Germany just three substitutions, more like a formal game, is also gradually lose after second-half substitution in Spain, until the final victory over Germany gradually accumulated advantage, put an end to burnley for Spain, first win in Spain. New century Spain beat this year's World Cup twice, in 2001 in valencia, beat France 2-1 1-0 win in elche in 2008 in Italy, but it is also their 16 times in the history of just two wins against the world champion, lost to Germany was losing 10. Germany also be England, Yugoslavia and Hungary, can 4 teams in the Spanish territory more than 3 times the visiting team to defeat the claim.

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