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Winning Is the Most Important for Portugal

If you were a player, what would yo think is more important, to play beautiful football or to get good results? Obviously, after being eliminated by Portugal, the whole team of Croatia is not satisfied with the results. How is that?

Croatia coach Ante Cacic thought that his team dominated the game, but they did not win. While Rakitic simply expressed that Portugal almost did not do anything and then was promoted. Not only that, many sites, including www.imfifa.co, also criticized that Portugal played conservatively.

For the criticism from the opponent and outside world, their coach Fernando Santos responded that it was the final. They were lucky, but they won the game dignifiedly. The opponent could criticize that they played not interestingly, however, that was not the players' problem but his own responsibility as he told his players that playing beautifully or not did not matter so much. There were only good and bad. It's okay as long as Portugal won.

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