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Will Kovacic Be Forced to Leave

Real Madrid fans are all very excited about signing Valencia midfielder, Portugal striker Andre Gomes as he is the first new one except from Morata. But it seems not a good news to midfielder Kovacic. He may be forced to leave because of Gomes' coming.

Benitez introduced Kovacic but he never got integrated into the lineup of Real Madrid. He had little time to play. Now, even James Rodriguez and Isco are sitting on the bench. If Gomes comes, Kovacic will have fewer oppotunities.

Real Madrid now is willing to accept other teans' offer and Kovacic knows it. He hopes to prove himself, so he returned to the team earlier to participate in the intensified training. Hope his good attitide and hard work will finally paid off.

But he has no need to worry as many teams are having interest in him, especially Liverpool. So you guys don't have to worry about him either. Just buy cheap FIFA Coins on www.imfifa.co to have fun.