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Why Barca Lost to Alaves

In the match against Alaves, Barca lost unexpectedly. So imfifa summarized that Barca in three aspects should learn. More information is on imfifa.co where you can buy cheap FIFA 17 Coins.

First, the rotation is too large. Enrique made seven changes to the starting 11 players. The team's defense and striker are brand new, in addition Turan also for the sidewalk. He let Rakitic, Busquets and Suarez kept the midfield, but the team has lost the order and become unrecognizable.

Second, the defense is a B plan. Enrique had a test at the halfback position, and the two players have similar characteristics, so they can not form a complementary. Pique was abandoned and Umtiti sit the bench. But Pique and Umtiti can ensure smooth manufacturing football.

Third, Neymar underutilized space. Messi did not play as starting, Neymar get full freedom, his theoretical position is on the left, but in the game his most of the time was in the middle.  By the way, now we have a new facebook Powerhone. If you have any questions, plz contact us there.