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When will Chelsea Become Top at Overall Standings

Imfifa has heard that it will take seven years for Chelsea to get into the top four of the history Standings. And some other people calculate that it will be 40 years to achieve that, 15 years in extreme cases. From 2003-2004 season before which Chelsea had just risen to the end of 2014-2015 season, there are a total of 12 season.

According to the average points per season of Chelsea as well as Aston Villa, Manchester United and Everton who ranked before, they calculated their average score points difference, and then they can calculate the time that Chelsea need to catch up with these teams.

Suppose that Villa downgrades this year with 20 points, and they do not upgrade any longer, then Chelsea at least need 8 years to make their total score in the top five. Suppose that Everton downgrades after next season with score of 38 points, it will take at least 15 years for Chelsea to get into the top four. So when will Chelsea become top at overall standings? Welcome to discuss and buy FIFA 16 coins at www.imfifa.co.