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What is Wrong with Premiership

Happy Thanksgiving! Join us for the activity as soon as possible. You can get an Unprecedented Big 8% Discount Code "imfifa.co", but it will be over on Nov.30. So hurry up! Now comes to today's topic. We all know that after the draw, Manchester City got into the death group, while Chelsea and Manchester United are quite fortunate. Although it seemed Arsenal can not take the first, to qualify would be easy.

However, the results turned out to be completely different till now. The last game became very important for Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United, which associated with their destiny. To qualify, Chelsea must tie, Manchester United must ensure victory, Arsenal must win and ensure the score better than 3: 2.

On the contrary, Manchester City qualified in advance. After all, it semms the strength of the Premier League is the strongest. However, even if relatively stronger Manchester City of Premiership was defeated home and away by the Serie A team, who were not looked upon favorably by a lot of Premier League fans. Meanwhile, this Serie A team was just changed completely, that their strength was greatly affected and currently ranked only sixth in Serie A.

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