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Warm up victory over Argentina in Croatia

International soccer warm-up match, Argentina in London Upton park 2 to 1 victory over Croatia. Kovalainen sich assists department than the first goal, Ann zaldy ampatuan long shots were aguero block into the goal, a penalty kick for messi scored for Argentina. Argentina against Croatia fourth 2 win 1 draw 1 negative results, it is also the first time in Argentina in a friendly win over Croatia. After losing to Brazil, Argentina made two wins.

Messi scored 45 national team goals, nearly two national team matches scored 3 goals. But messi following a bad luck, club and national team in three games 5 shots off by the woodwork. Aguero lucky international 23 goals. Martin demichelis, rojo, federico balzaretti - fernandez, ray and the Argentina defence main absence once again fail to zero opponents, in 5 games only zero in Hong Kong, 5 wars by opponents scored six goals.

Argentina full 14 shots on target, eight times seven shots in the first half of 4 times on target, and the possession rate of 61%, while Croatia 1 goal only two shots in the first half, whole 4 shots and only 1 times respectively. Messi had four shots 2 shots on 1 goal, first on the list of all aguero 3 two shots on target, substitute tevez has 2 shots.Croatia goalkeeper kali, six times.

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