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Virtual keys will act as the main control methods in Fifa 15

Cologne Game Show last month, the famous game makers EA Sports carrying the latest masterpiece FIFA series of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team debut.

Recently, a host PC and other platforms, FIFA15 have launched a demo version, but also disclosed the latest news mobile version. The iOS version of the game will be adapted to the latest Apple devices Published not made ​​public.

Compared to its predecessor in many aspects of the game have been some improvements. The first is in the operating system, since the players do not buy it, the game finally gave up FIFA 14 added gestures, so FIFA 15, and the game will return to the traditional control methods based virtual keys.

In addition, the game will be on schema elements deepen card management, and UI design is more responsive now flattening trend. According to related news, PC version of FIFA 15 will be officially on sale on the 23rd of this month, while its mobile version FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is also expected to be released at the end, and interested friends can look at the players.

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