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Valencia and the yellow submarine will also be punished FIFA

According to Spanish reports, Valencia and Villarreal are likely to Fifa Coins be the two clubs met at FIFA transfer ban punishment.

Due to the existence of irregularities registered in the 18 players, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid in the last week was the FIFA transfer window ban two penalties, but the two clubs have been appealed.

FIFA statement in the penalty against Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid and Valencia and yellow submarine is not mentioned, but that does not mean they have been forgotten. FIFA reportedly working on their lineup of some of the players to investigate.

Valencia club have said they have been subjected to a FIFA investigation last year, so when they have a chance last summer to sign three young Korean players, all of them refused.

But FIFA's punishment for Valencia will likely be months before fifa 15 coins ios results are known, even before the end of the summer transfer window will not be conclusive, Valencia newly appointed sporting director Pitarch been aware of the current club situation.