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Valdez is Not Allowed to Use the Locker Room

Valdez's days in United are getting more and more suffering. After the quarrel with Van Gaal, and now he has been banned on the use of the locker room by the Dutch.

In addition, the guardian revealed that the official photos of the Manchester United player this season has omitted him. Now he can only be forced to train with the U-21 team. It is worth mentioning that, in order to ensure that Valdez and first team contract is not void, some time in the day, Manchester United will ask him to participate in training.

The conflict, which is can not be reconciled between Valdez and Van Gaal began last season, when Van Gaal let him play for the U-21 team, Valdez rejected. But on this issue, Van Gaal is quite stubborn and uncompromising.

Mata expressed his sympathy on Valdez's difficult situation. But at the same time he did not point the finger at Van Gaal, "I really like him, I hope things can go well, whether he stay in Manchester United or go elsewhere. I think, if you go to ask Valdez, he would have his reason; if you go to ask the boss, he also has his own reasons, this is very unfortunate."

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