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Universe Star Was Named CR7

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C Ronaldo has begun to enjoy his summer vacation. But today, there are two C Ronaldo-related news. Due to the absence of C Ronaldo in Italy friendly match, the Portuguese Football Federation was fined 380,000 euros. The scientists named one latest discovered planet CR7.

C Ronaldo is a football star, but now also having intersection with the astronomical community. Recently a group of scientists announced the discovery of several stars. Portugal Scientist Sobral will name the largest and brightest one as CR7.

In an interview with US media, Dr Sobral revealed, CR7 star is Cosmos Redshift 7 acronym. However, as the Portuguese Sobral also admitted that naming inspiration comes from C Ronaldo. CR7 has now become a star in the sky, Argentina astronomers have to be hurry looking for Messi name to a star.

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