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Uniteds victory over Liverpool three musketeers in six games

The premier league round of 16, 2014-15 season Manchester united at old trafford win 3-0 win over Liverpool. 12 minutes, Wayne rooney's opening goal; The double 40 minutes, mata. The 71th minute, robin van persie icing on the cake. A total of 190 times the two sides met Manchester united 75-51-64, 63-44-55 Manchester united in the league. The war the communist party of China 44 23-8 flat 13 Manchester united have the upper hand, but Manchester united home and away double by Liverpool last season.

Manchester united nearly 12 times in the home game against Liverpool won 10 2 negative results. United's midfield, was Wayne rooney and robin van persie strike partner, Wilson and Liverpool balotelli back but did not start, coach Rogers using strikers. 12 minutes, pull the rana straight plug, plug in directly to sterling DE gea but a brave shot was DE gea saved. Then Manchester united against valencia on the right side of the passing away moreno then crosses, middle rooney tipped round 14 yards, the ball flying into the lower right corner, Manchester united's 1-0 Liverpool.

The 18th minute, Stirling passing, gerrard long shots available to DE gea. 21 minutes, phil Jones, a foul on library moutinho being booked. 40 minutes, ASHLEY young cross from the left, middle, after robin van persie header point mata slips easily into an empty net after Manchester united 2-0 to Liverpool. From the point of playback, robin van persie header after ceng moments in an offside position, but the linesman did not raise flag.

The 68th minute, malkovich substituted moreno, Liverpool finished subs.On 71 minutes, Manchester united, Wayne rooney's cross from the left, rove clearance directly play to mata, mata big box to calm, no defensive van persie right rib pushed the ball into an empty net 10 yards, Manchester united 3-0 Liverpool.

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