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US World Cup have significant change

From the opening of the World Cup in Brazil there are 94 days, FIFA game system and some details of the rules had happened significant changes on the US World Cup in 1994.

The most striking change is the 3-point implementation, starting from the tournament, a group stage win can get 3 points but not 2 points. Another change is the introduction of the fourth official on the sidelines supervising the game, he will play a supporting role in the work of the court three referees. In the lineup, in addition to starting 11, all the other bench players are allowed to sit on the bench stand, they have a chance to debut.

1994 U.S. World Cup also witnessed the first ever World Cup soccer game in indoor.In Detroit, Pontiac, Michigan Stadium, hosts the United States and Switzerland began the game in the indoor stadium, ultimately, the two sides 1-1 draw.

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