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UEFA La Liga Best Team

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UEFA official website users choose the best team in La Liga 2014-2015 season. The Barcelona total of four people were selected, followed by Valencia 3 were selected, Real Madrid 2, Atletico Madrid and Sevilla 1 each.

UEFA official website the best 11 are: Goalkeepers: Bravo (Barcelona); Defenders: Alves (Barcelona), Pique (Barcelona), Otamendi (Valencia), Gaja (Valencia); Midfielders: Parejo (Valencia), J Lo (Real Madrid), Kerry Jovi Kerouac (Sevilla); Frontcourt: Lionel Messi (Barcelona), C Lo (Real Madrid), Gerry Postman (Atletico Madrid)

In addition, there is no doubt Barcelona coach Enrique is elected Coach of the Year of the Internet. However, this list part is still the UEFA users elected, official La Liga Best 11 people have to be post on the Spanish official website.

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