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UEFA Champions League Quarter Finalists

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Champions League competition of the final match day is all over. Juventus and Barcelona got the last two places in the quarter-finals. After Manchester City being eliminated, the Premier League is all stop at 16.

In Champions League quarter-finals this season, La Liga becomes the big winner occupying three places, while French Football League occupies two places, Bundesliga, Serie A and Portugal occupy one place each.

UEFA Champions League Quarter-Finalists: Porto (Portuguese), Real Madrid (La Liga), Paris Saint-Germain (French), Bayern (Bundesliga), Atletico Madrid (La Liga), Monaco (French), Barcelona (La Liga), Juventus (Serie A)

Tomorrow 19:00, the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals will be held in the draw, and there is no principle avoiding the current round of balloting. Tyrannical eight will start to catch on the athletic field qualified for the semi-finals.

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