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Turan Registration Appeal Fail

According to iMfifa sources, FIFA rejected the appeal of Barcelona Turan registration. Barcelona spent 41 million euros to introduce of this Turkish Atletico Madrid striker this summer, not only because they always miss the game due to the transfer ban.

Because midfielder Rafinha injured, Barcelona think that they can put forward to register an alternative new player for Rafinha to the Spanish Football Federation.

Barcelona club apply to the Spanish Football Federation at the first time, wishing to register Turan in the league and King's Cup, in order to allow the latter to substitute Rafinha who suffers serious injury. At the same time, they also made an application to FIFA.

FIFA made a reply that rejected Barcelona's appeal and refused to register Turan. Turan have to wait until next year in January to play for the Barcelona. To buy FIFA 16 coins now, click here www.imfifa.co.