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Transfermarkt Released Players Worth Rankings from Imfifa

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At present, Real Madrid's success is reflected not only in the game, but also in a recent players worth ranking. Transfermarkt.com announced that Real Madrid have four people entering the top 10, which is more than any other team.

On this list, Messi and C Lo tied for the top spot with 120 million euros, followed by No. 3 Bell probably worth about 80 million euros. Barcelona star Neymar ranked No. 4 in his net worth 70 million euros. In addition, the top 10 along with Real Madrid players shine in the World Cup this year, J Lo, his net worth is 60 million, ranking sixth. Real Madrid midfielder Modric No. 10, his worth is 55 million euros. It is worth mentioning that this summer just move from Real Madrid to Manchester United Dimaliya also entered the top 10, worth 65 million euros.

Apart from Messi and Neymarthe, this summer high joined Suarez ranked No. 7, worth at around 60 million euros. The final two players of the top 10 are Cavani and Falcao, worth 57 million euros and 55 million euros. On this list, it was only these two people worth less before they were compared.

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