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Tottenham Hotspur Want to Buy Munir El Haddadi

According to imfifa.co where sell the cheapest FIFA 16 Coins, Tottenham Hotspur want to introduce Barcelona striker Munir El Haddadi. The Spanish striker is likely to leave, many clubs show great interest in him.

Munir El Haddadi, 20 years old, joins Barcelona first team in 2014 and wins many titles with the team. Due to the less playing time at Barcelona, Munir is likely to leave. Tottenham Hotspur are very interested in Munir, the head coach Mauricio Pochettino has a high opinion of Munir and has observed the 20 years old for a long time and knows his performance in the past very well.

Although Tottenham intend to introduce the striker, the buy-back clause is the biggest obstacle for the transfer. Barcelona hope to add repurchase clause in the contract, but Tottenham want to buy Munir directly. It is unclear whether this deal can be done.