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Tips to Play FIFA 18 Like a Pro

If you are new to FIFA 18, or if you have enough FIFA world experience, there's always still room for improvement. These are some of FIFA 18 tips and tricks that make you feel like you have no time to play professionally.
First, some people think that direct opposition to your opponent's goal is your victory, but it's not. Patience is how your team works best. Don't slip in or out of your way too fast on defense! Wait for the defense to open correctly and pass quickly.

Second, don't let the other person hold the ball. You want to put your players under the players' feet in most competitions, even if you're just passing the middle line. Try to keep it from ending deep in your side, but if that means having it, don't be afraid to send it back to your activist.

This is how you control the speed of the game. Then you wait for the opportunity to take advantage and try to score.

Third, all the new players often sprint for everything. To be honest, many experienced players do the same. It will make your players tired soon, and when you need them to score, steal or defend the network, your players will bounce back.

Use your energy wisely! When the chip is off, you need to use the sprint button. You need the last push to win the race. Don't sprint everywhere. True footballers don't chase balls on the court, so you shouldn't.

Play FIFA 18 your game. If the game gives you a problem, use an offline slider. You can change the Settings and some controls that apply to you and your individual. You can find some recommended FIFA 18 slider Settings here on imfifa.co.