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Tim Howard the Fifa players of year end award

iMfifa.COM, Buy Cheap Fifa 15 Coins from our best Fifa Store, Goalkeeper Tim Howard won the Fifa 15 player of the year in 2014 his work with the national Fifa 15 Ultimate team. This is the first time Mr Howard won by the futbol to Fifa la liga to the members of Ultimate team USA's highest honor. Howard. 101 first place votes Fifa group of journalists in the country a total of 363 Fifa 15 points. He beat jermaine Jones, who has 160 Fifa points, Clint dempsey (147).

Howard, 35, and puts forward the eight appearances, including some wonderful performances at the Fifa World Cup. He spent 16 saved American 2-1 loss of extra time to Belgium in the second round of Brazil. Howard has from played for the Fifa Ultimate national team, this season to go away. He was everton goalkeeper in the Fifa premier league, and since 2006 has been at the club. The second goalkeeper to win Fifa 15 game awards - keller twice - Howard has made 104 appearances with the Fifa Ultimate national team. This is the sixth time, he was a finalist for honor.

Midfielder Jones, who was born in Germany, has 10 cap this year and the whole of the United States and 48 blocks. He is a leader of the American people in the Fifa World Cup, scoring the 2-2 draw against Portugal, with the style of his body, to help the United States emerged from a difficult group in the first round. At present, he and his New England revolution, and help them make the MLS cup game against the Los Angeles galaxy.

Dempsey has 9 cap this year with the United States and scored three goals. He has 39 goals in 110 games, because the 2004 dempsey national team is currently the Fifa MLS Seattle bay. Vote players to get the three Fifa 15 points, two Fifa points every second vote, a point of every third vote every first place votes. In order to be eligible for the award, players must play at least three games in calendar year for the United States.

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