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Tiago Will Follow Guardiola to Manchester City

According to the latest FIFA news from imfifa.co, Bayern midfielder Tiago this summer may follow Guardiola to trnasfer to Manchester City. Guardiola will leave Bayern this summer, he will take over the city's pointer, Bayern midfielder Tiago may follow him to join Manchester City, too.

When taking over Bayern Munich, Tiago is Guardiola's picked player. With Guardiola's departure, Tiago also may follow Guardiola to switch to Manchester City. However, last summer, Tiago and Bayern renewed the contract to 2019. If he transfers, then Bayern will reap a lot of money transfer fee.

If Tiago leaves, then Roma midfielder Pjanic is possible alternative, Ancelotti has been hoping to sign this 25-year-old midfielder. Do you agree with us? Show your opinions with imfifa.co, where cheaper and faster FIFA 16 Coins are waiting for you.