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Three days Portugal national mourning for eusebio

Portugal generation star eusebio in after the death in the morning Beijing time 5, Portugal all circles of the former golden ball winner expressed their condolences. The Portuguese prime minister's office issued a statement Tuesday, they will from now on to eusebio for three days of national mourning. Portuguese President anibal cavaco silva said in his message: "Portugal today lost a precious child."

Eusebio nicknamed the "black panther" is the most famous star in the history of Portugal. Portugal under he became the third place winner of the 1966 World Cup, which is by far the Portuguese football one of the most glorious moment. So when such a star died, after Portugal was immersed in a mourning. Countless fans club benfica stadium of light, to the star on their respect, and a lot of people have written about his blessing, and also laid flowers and scarf before a bronze statue of him.

Portuguese prime minister coelho said. "his professionalism and his achievements was enough to let all people admire." Prime minister's office issued a statement saying the as eusebio held three days of national mourning. Portuguese football federation are published on its web site more "black panther" precious photo, at the same time they also decide to Portugal in the cup before the start of the match with full observed a minute of silence in the form of salute to eusebio.

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