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There is Little Hope Brugge Qualify the Champions League

Brugge coach Michel Preud'Homme, opponents of Manchester United's Champions League playoff declared there is little hope to qualify for the Champions League after the road loss. He still does not know how to beat Manchester United.

Even though Carrick Oolong visiting team was leading, Depay scored twice to turn the tide and Fellaini's goal during the injury time even more ruined their hopes. After this battle, Preud'Homme almost predict the final result of the team. Welcome to our web http://www.imfifa.co/ to know more about Cheap Fifa 16 Coins.

In this game, the captain and spiritual leader of Brugge Simmons was hurt. So he may not be able to play next; The main defender Brandon Mechele was suspended because of red card. All these make Brugge's poor performance worse. There is no doubt their personal ability are worse than Manchester, and there is no particularly good targeted tactics, plus the two core players' absence, their future is indeed bleak.