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There Is Still Room for FIFA 18 to Improve

Since the beginning of a comprehensive innovation, FIFA's annual progress is refreshing. It must be recognized that FIFA 18 is a very good and comprehensive work. It is more passionate than PES 2018 with a super feel. But some key issues on experience make FIFA have a distance to the summit.

The biggest difference between FIFA 18 and PES 2018 is game rhythm control. The latter gave up the PES 2017's high-speed turning into tactical football era. The former seems to have embarked on road of PES 2017, emphasizing to go forward smoothly, rapidly attack, rather than considering offensive strategy. In many cases, the speed of the hand and the reaction can often determine the outcome of a game.

The overall speed is much faster than that in PES 2018, whether it is the rhythm of the game, or the speed of the players on the track, or the speed of the ball transmission. The game has become very intense, whether it is multiplayer or computer. Refreshing feeling is considered to be an unprecedented height of FIFA 18.

However, if we want to experience a real and varied game, FIFA 18 can not meet the demand. FIFA 18 provides a number of giants team style template, which allows us to feel their tactical styles. But in this performance, this is really not as good as PES 2018. And because of very fast rhythm, effect of ball control tactics, pre-press tactics is not prominent. It will not bring too obvious tactical effect. If you want to really change the rhythm of the stadium, it seems to have to rely on hand speed and key skills, rather than excellent pass and delicate tactics.

Of course, we want to carry out a very delicate tactical cooperation, this seems to lack of confidence. This makes some of the very creative slanting have no response. Even if the coaching system can provide us with pass ball and shot path-oriented,sometimes the players can not really achieve our intention.

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