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The team competitive product 9 points ahead of Mineiro

This is the South American Libertadores Cup final group D game, the team competitive product 9 points ahead of Mineiro, Zamora FC (goal 1) accumulated 7 points behind, Asuncion national (goal difference (-3) and the Santa Fe independent goal difference 0) accumulates 5 points tied for third place. Mineiro athletic leading third and fourth team 4 points, already qualified. Zamora FC has only 1 goal difference, so the final game tie, Asuncion and Santa Fe independent national winner, by calculating the goal difference to determine the ranking, the goal difference is Zamora FC's weaknesses. Therefore to Zamora FC, as long as you can to win. Asuncion national and the Santa Fe independent only accumulates 5 points, in order to qualify must win, with both teams are not through hope, even if the win is also looking at FIFA final results.

Mineiro athletic play 0-0 with Cruzeiro, the team obtained 3 Lianping; Zamora FC is Venezuela team, the team 5-2 victory over the map Jilanuosi, made 2 in a row; in the group stage of the first meeting, Zamora FC lost 0-1 at home in the Mineiro athletics. Mineiro athletic already qualified, but the team entered the Brazil Mineiro state championship final, second leg will be in April 14th, so the team to a certain degree of rotation.

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