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The selection of the football king

Because the program is uncertain, so ordinary football lovers in Diego competition there is still hope: "now the plans are not fixed, it does not mean that the ordinary football lovers would not involved, I certainly hope that the broader the better, the more the merrier, heard that Chongqing football atmosphere is very good I hope to choose, there. In a World Cup year, I also hope to promote China football world cup."

The football star selection direction of FIFA is campus selection, which is what kind of pattern? Although specific programmes CCTV is still in the works, but the fact that the Chongqing Football Association has been off the campus football selection mode, can draw on some experience of cctv.

Yesterday afternoon, Chongqing Football Association officials Chen Xiaoyu introduced Chongqing national team is currently on campus football selection approach to our newspaper reporter, selection mainly from two aspects: "on the one hand is to do the test, including the basic technical characteristics measured bone age, around the bar, the ball and the ability of the assessment; on the other hand is competition evaluation at present, each year from October to second years in April or May, we have carried out the campus Football League within the city, basically a week now except for special holiday, will have the league football, we will send to the game selection, the school can also recommend the game with excellent performance in seedling to us for evaluation."

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