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The rate of messi Barcelona and the kings cup 89 signs

King's cup semi-final second leg, villarreal back water, 3 minutes in the home team was Lionel messi bludgeoning, little flea season 19 assists as Barcelona open the door of the victory, the final seven years the 5th rate team into the king's cup final, the team's best record in 58 years. In king's cup eight wins the finals, but Barcelona first time in 89 years. In 2004, 2006, 2004 and this year, the yellow submarines into four degrees all kinds of cup semi-final, all the loss.

Especially in the 2006 champions league semi-final, if the former Barcelona 10 riquelme can key in the penalty, perhaps the title is not Arsenal and Barcelona, but Mr. Pellegrini's team. Over villarreal star has been replaced by another Argentine than Mr, nine years ago just substitute Lionel messi, Barcelona in the Argentina a showdown with star elder brother, is still a little flea exceeds: Lionel messi chop your head into the box, the interval between his eight defensive players, no one can resistance or two pop on-line, the former Barcelona etiquette edmilson sighed: "great pass".

This is Lionel messi Barcelona's 147th career assists, and 19 assists this season, his 25 goals in pre-season, little flea for his assists, 11 assists within the less to the Argentine only 6 times. One season and help, and Lionel messi, the third record high career assists 29, 2011-12 season 2010-11 assists 23 times. The 2015 macy's 15 ball 10 assists manufacturing 25, more than other Spanish players at least 11 goals.

King's cup Barcelona all eight games this season, messi is only played five games, but he didn't swing, Barcelona will not double two big rivals atletico Madrid and villarreal. It is red and blue army in the history of the second to reach the final wins record, last time have been as far back as 89 years ago. King's cup in the history had a total of only four teams to en route to the final, Barcelona, real Madrid in 1928 and 1926 in bilbao in 1932 and 1932 valencia, Barcelona are nearly 61 years for the first team.

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