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The provisions of the football match number

Should have two teams to participate in a game, each team shall not be more than 11 players, which is a goalkeeper. If any of the group of less than seven games can't start. By the federation of FIFA, intercontinental or the national association of the race, the game can use at most three substitute, or reserve players.

Contest regulations shall specify can have several sub was nominated, from three to not more than seven. In other matches, can be used according to the following provisions substituted players: the team in the largest number on a substitute to reach an agreement;The notify the referee before the game;If it fails to notify the referee before the game or the team did not reach any agreement, you can use the number of substitutes shall not exceed three.

In all the games, sub list must be sent to the referee before the game starts. Have not been nominated sub shall not take part in the game. Backup programs: bench must abide by the following provisions: backup before should first notify the referee; Substituted players on the bench left, and get the referee signal rear can access to the competition area; Bench can only stop in the match to the line approach; When substituted players access to the competition area, namely, completed the backup program;

Since then, the bench as players, and terminated by substitutes for players; Is replacement player may not play again the game; All the bench to play or not, the referee shall be entitled to exercise their functions and powers on it. Any players can be interchangeable with goalkeeper position, and regulation: swap notify the referee before; In the swap position when play was stopped.