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The premier league Liverpool win at home to spurs

2014-15 premiership 25th round a focus battle, Liverpool beat tottenham 3-2 in the home, malkovich and Steven gerrard, god dead scuttled. Crispy Fried chicken Kane shot. Both teams played a total of 142 times in the history of the league, Liverpool 67-40 flat 35 occupy a certain advantage. Especially in the nearly three meetings between the parties, the red army but also the advantage of a landslide. Last season, the red army not only double opponents, and a total score of 0-9.

The first leg of the season, Liverpool away to a 3-0 win again. Prison, Stirling, Steven gerrard and moreno to complete the scoring. Match the first 9 minutes, tottenham back error, sturridge reverse shot was saved. 15 minutes, Liverpool goal kick counter-attacking, first of all find sturridge is blocked, when the ball fell into the malkovich, the direct shot of the ball forward to large area, the ball into the goal of the lower right corner. Liverpool 1-0 spurs.

25 minutes, the area lamela send inclined plug, Kane facing goalkeeper to calm the middle ball wear keeper door straight into the goal. Liverpool 1-1 spurs. 47 minutes, than the bottom cross and sturridge shot hits the right post to turn around and heel pops up. In the first half ended, the two teams to within 1-1 draw for the time being.

The second half to continue and 52 minutes, sturridge box passing down by Ross, executed by the referee gerrard shot taking goal on the right. Liverpool 2-1 spurs. The 61th minute, eriksson free-kick directly by goalkeeper shot out, Kane, keep up with the cross, Mr Lai body ball into an empty net. Liverpool 2-2 spurs.

The 83th minute, than on the right and pull a planar 2 after 1 match, which sends out the cross, the middle encircling the god overnight. Liverpool's 3-2 tottenham. Four minutes after the end of the game, in the end, Liverpool's 3-2 win over tottenham.

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