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The preliminary Germany win over Georgia on Imfifa.com

Euro 2016 qualifying group D 5 rounds of Germany's 2-0 win over Georgia, after five rounds of Germany's 3-1-1 10 points, against Scotland, Poland flat; And it is also the German team after the 900 war, low lead command 120th game. The 39th minute, Royce first next city; 44 minutes, mill the icing on the cake. Germany's poor performance in the previous's preliminary contest, the first round of narrow 2-1 in Scotland, the second round of 2-0 defeat to Poland, the third round a 1-1 draw against Ireland, fourth round to a 4-0 victory over Gibraltar, but the process also let the German media.

In the face of the game only beat rival Georgia in Gibraltar, Germany's goal is to take all three points. Before Germany's assistant coach schneider also said in an interview, Germany's state after really bad. Compared with the midweek friendly at home to Australia, Germany's starting line-up for the game a lot of adjustments. First he gave up three defender tactical test, to change back to the familiar 4231.

In respect of personnel, the coach also sent the team's core players, neuer, boateng, hu meyers, bastian schweinsteiger, cross, mill and other people to return to the starting line-up. The game, but also bastian schweinsteiger play as a formal German international captain for the first time.

The 39th minute, Germany finally broke the deadlock. Germany formed in front of Georgia siege, policy after the ball the ball into the box, even after three people blocked by the other players. But not far from the Georgian defender clearance, at the foot of the ball landed in Royce, Royce easily tipped round achievements, Germany 1-0 to Georgia.

44 minutes, Germany launched a fast counter-attack, every straight road, muller volley the ball after the live an opposing player achievements, Georgia 2-0 in Germany. The end of the game in the first half, with the Royce and mill's goal, Germany's 2-0 lead Georgia.

The second half began, Georgia immediately to make a change, for money figure in lisa batiashvili Mr Kerry. The match, and ultimately with the Royce and mill's goal, Germany's 2-0 defeat away at a buoyant Georgia, in the national team in the history of the 900th game won. Continued after the game, Germany in the preliminaries D team ranked second, followed up Poland.

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