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The pitch of the racial discrimination

Moscow fans for Fifa 15 Coins the roma at the stadio olimpico alleged racial discrimination attacks, as punishment, uefa announced three champions league home games at the central army, the stadium is not open to the fans.

Cska fans not only upset kompany is so simple, in the face of Russian domestic has always been the ills of racial discrimination, FIFA anti-discrimination parvin team officials called on Russia's national leaders can solve this problem, otherwise the African countries will boycott the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

"I think the time has now very mature, Russia's leader, Mr Putin and Mr Medvedev's prime minister should come out to do something about racial discrimination in the country. If the two people don't come out this situation to make a statement, the Russian domestic racial discrimination will not get the solution of the fundamental.

In that case, African countries will likely resist Russia's World Cup." Pavin said. Pavin was worth thinking about, the FIFA official says even if the problem is not solved, should be disqualified from Russia's World Cup: "Russia's fans discrimination often see on the pitch, whatever the reason, we can't accept in a stadium full of racial discrimination to the World Cup." Want to know about the racial discrimination more involved in the field and Fifa 15 Coins from http://www.vipfifacoins.de/