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The optimal workrate combination for striker in FIFA 15

We imfifa believe that many FIFA 15 players have experience on playing FIFA 15. Will you share your experience with us imfifa.com? The following are the personal guide for you. Hope they can give you a favor. You can come to our site to know more. Also, you can buy the cheapest FIFA coins from our site.

1. High/Low is the best choice for goal-hanger strikers. HL type ST will leave himself at the frontcourt to defense and attack at the first line, you do not need to press the LB, he will automatically moves forward. Remember, double strikers formation must have a HL.

Typical - Aguero & Dos Santos & Nike

2. Med/Low is the best choice for delayed striker, or organization striker. Ibrahimovic and Balotelli are the best representatives of this type. When the defense is not retracement, when you can attack the ball well and the midfield tandem, these players have a strong body, and the best long-range capability, but not the high speed requirements.

Typical - Macy & Ibrahimovic & Sturridge

3. High/Med- such players blend characteristics of HL and ML, can be used as an offensive playmaker Terminator, can also become defensive when retracement deeper than the HL ML player, when you can fight back the same series midfielder, and HL and ML players compared to the effect is not so pure (UT mechanism determines their duties type of player is the best)

Typical – Suarez & Lewandowski & Costa & Doumbia

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