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The occupation football need to guard against rogue fans

Soccer is known as the Peace War, represents the wild, enthusiasm, energy and competition. The era of industrialization, football plays the role of social relief valves, people usually oppressed to court a few voice growl, belongs to the normal catharsis. However, some aspects Chinese occupation football burned behavior, has been to remind the relevant managers: occupation FIFA football development need to guard against some fans rogue tendency.

Due to historical hatred, unpopular Henan fans this time directed at Xu Genbao, in fact, four years ago they have so far to his club. When the Jianye 0 than 2 not enemy sainty, nearly 100 fans after the match burn package and shirt, and even burned the stadium in the guard room.

In recent years, part of the pseudo fans into the stadium affray, violence and even rogue behavior emerge in an endless stream. Chong fly kick the admission from the Qingdao fans, the Shenhua fans bloodbath Hangzhou; from the part of the Shenhua fans openly pushing a country female fans even threatened to chop off the green jersey, to Chengdu fans crazy smashing cars bus, resulting in East Shenyang player Feng Shaoshun was almost blind, these events are sufficient to show: some fans a hardcore fan banner, with football needs passion to conceal ignorance of the law, its real purpose is for rogue move.

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