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The number of comments cristiano ronaldo won a golden globe will be more than messi

French passing superstar zinedine zidane retired coach comments real Madrid C ronaldo, the number of predicted he won a golden globe will exceed the Barcelona star Lionel messi. About cristiano ronaldo and messi's "light" zhou yu, never stopped discussing fans and the media, on the selection of the golden globes, messi was winning four times, and the last is the Portuguese win, with the advantage of more than 20 percentage points force, Lionel messi.

In zinedine zidane, now high off the limits of performance is far from 29 cristiano ronaldo, over time, it will be better from his status and achievements." Ronaldo will be more times won the golden ball," 42, zidane said, "of his ability belongs to another planet, if the continuation of such a state, he will further prove himself, eventually more than the number of messi award."

For his French junior benzema, zinedine zidane also praised the words: "he is a real and a very important player. People often suspect that real Madrid should no 9 shirt for benzema, but I want to say, questioning him, you are wrong.""He is not a year like cristiano ronaldo scored more than 60 striker," like benzema is of Algerian descent zinedine zidane said, "but he look after each and every one of his role on the team is always the most just when appropriate, few people in the world can do that."

As a retired from real Madrid midfielder, zinedine zidane now second team led by real Madrid castilla in west third league, given at the beginning of the season because license storm nearly suspended, he flew back to France coach training classes every week.

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