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The new coach of Portugal suffered punishment

Half a month after the World Cup in Brazil, FIFA series of violations that occurred during tournament punishment. Among them, the former Greek national team coach Fernando - Santos has also been subject to heavy penalties. FIFA pointed out, Fernando - Santos was in the eighth finals had "several times against the referee's move violates the spirit of sport" and therefore was sentenced to eight games in the national team suspended severe punishment.

According to reports, the success of the World Cup in Brazil, Greece, the group stages, but in the eighth finals lost to Costa Rica on penalties. And in that field before the penalty shootout, when he was the Greek national team coach Fernando - Santos due to the continuous protest against the referee, which is when the referee Australians this - Williams ejected.

Refuses to accept the decision by FIFA announced the punishment, Fernando - Santos chose to appeal. However, even the former coach of Greece has repeatedly insisted that it was only in his debate with the referee, but the FIFA Appeal Committee, said he was still with abusive words, which dismissed his appeal. It was reported that Fernando - Santos still have the right to continue to appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Santos, 59, has coached the past four years the Greek national team, led the team during the historic first broke into the 2014 World Cup in Brazil 16. This has had Porto, Benfica and Sporting Lisbon, Portugal coach coaching resume, recently officially as Paul - Bento's successor, will lead a "golden expedition" Impact 2016 European Cup. However, due to suspensions eight games have not been eliminated, which means that the Portuguese coach will be performed during the European Championship qualifier punishment.

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