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The latest news of Spanish Football League season 2015

Spanish Football League season 2014/15 first three to start a few games competition, Sevilla won 2-0 Getafe, Valencia and Seville are discharged into the top three on goal difference advantage over Atletico Madrid .

Valencia home 3- 1 beats the Spaniard. The first seven minutes, Rodrigo broke into the restricted area under the bottom right-hand return, Piatti small restricted area front the shot broke. The first 63 minutes, a low shot inside the restricted area arc Parejo bottom left corner.

The first 73 minutes, costs Ganguly Direct, the new Spanish striker Alberto Kassel small restricted the right of dispossessing goalkeeper into the empty goal. Spaniards first 91 minutes to save face, to Sergio restricted within Fuego - Garcia foul, penalty kick hit the latter personally. Valencia nearly six league home game against Espanyol achieve victory.

Sevilla 2-0 Getafe win. The first 44 minutes, Baca penalty kick overnight. The first 87 minutes, Figueras restricted the right pass in off the bench, Vidal small edge of the area to poke Kongmen succeed.

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