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The golden ball and controversial footballer of the year together

Golden ball in 1956 by the European football authority media "the France football", formerly known as "golden", until 1994, when it's only a recognition of European players individual awards, maradona, romario, bebeto play better in Europe, also can't get the prize. Selection scope of starting in 1995, a golden globe for "all the players in the European league", the same year, African star George weah got the expanded version of the first golden globe. In 2007, golden globe selection will extend to the world excellent football players, "golden" officially changed its name to "golden globe".

FIFA in 1991 set up its own world footballer of the year award, the selection of the best football players each year. In this way, every football had two influential awards. World footballer of the year and the European golden ball winner sometimes is not the same person, founded in the first year, the world footballer of the year winner was the German star international milan lothar matthaus, the European golden ball winner is served in marseille, France star Mr Pan. That year, lothar matthaus and the nerazzurri win the uefa cup champion, and led by Mr Marseille won the European championship, also got the ligue 1 champions.

Five years from 2005-2005, the golden globes and the world footballer of the year and reached the height of the tacit understanding, for five consecutive years to choose. In 2005, ronaldinho won two awards. In 2006, cannavaro won two awards. In 2007, kaka won two awards. In 2008, C Ronaldo won two awards. In 2009, Lionel messi won two awards. It is because of two consecutive years, make a lot of people "is there any need to select two award".

Two award, 2005-2009, it was a coincidence of history, 2000-2004 as five years have two award for four years, also is the coincidence of history. It's not, after the two into a awards, led to a more controversial, almost every year, the choice of different groups are not the same. So, whether the French football and FIFA will renew ?

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