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The former Manchester united chief executive election vice President of FIFA

According to BBC news, England football association vice chairman, former Manchester united chief executive David gill will represent the UK in the campaign, vice President of FIFA. David gill was accountant, 1997 workers to Manchester united, served as chief financial officer, vice President and general manager of the board, as Manchester united in the 2003 to 2013, CEO for ten years, made for united's global business development, enterprise to witness the treble in 1999 and 2008, double historic moment, is a close friend of the former Manchester united manager Sir Alex ferguson.

David gill also served as a committee, vice chairman of the G14, in 2006 to replace Arsenal vice-chairman David dein became the fa board members, elected in 2009 the European club association board member, in October 2012 was elected vice chairman of the fa, become one of the four giant fa, the uefa executive committee, elected in May, 2013 in June, chairman of the committee appointed by uefa club qualifications.

57 years old this year, David gill has said it would not seek to FIFA, but now he changed his mind and decided to run for Britain next year, vice President of FIFA, he believes uefa and FIFA's role can be very good fusion, "I think I have a chance, if I can be elected, will use my position to make some changes in the FIFA's."

"I listen to the opinions of many people, including members of the club's board of directors, the fa and uefa officials, etc., and I hope I can make positive contribution to use my stand for the discussion to promote continue to reform."David gill said.

The BBC said David gill first will now face England fa chairman Campbell - Mr Gill peacekeeping welsh fa chairman trevor Lloyd hughes competition. Uefa will march meeting in Vienna next year elected to participate in the campaign to FIFA's position, four football association of England need to produce a candidate, because the current man Jim boyce, Northern Ireland, vice President of FIFA will retire in May of next year.

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